Infrared and High Intensity Light

Application Information: ZRCI Refractory Sheet is used by many High Intensity Spotlight Manufacturers as bulb fixtures. The RSLE-57 is ideal material to machine into bulb supports. As the bulbs increase in temperature the fixturing material will not expand and constrict the bulb.

Benefits: High hot strength combined with electrical insulating properties make it ideal for many high intensity lighting applications. RSLE-57 has a greater than 90% reflectivity which makes it ideal for many infrared applications.

RS Materials are used as a Dust Free Insulation in many high intensity spot light applications due to their excellent non electrically conducting properties.

RSLE-57 has a highly reflective white surface that has no organic content, and will not outgas or turn color when heated.

High hot strength makes them ideal for element supports.

RS-100 and RSLE-57 are used as high intensity bulb support .

RSLE-57 used as  element supports and zone baffles in Infrared diffusion furnaces.

RSLE-57 use ideal for hot face insulation in Infrared Dryers due to its dust free nature and low expansion.

RSLE-57 is used hot face and supports in Quarts lamp drying furnace.

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