Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 Machining Guidelines

This manual is intended to show some of the ways of fabricating Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 products. These methods range from volume production to hand work in the field. These recommendations summarize the results of ZIRCAR experience and include specific recommendations for tools and handling. In many instances, commonly available tools are indicated; cutting speeds and tool life data are provided where important. Selection of tools will depend on thickness and volume of material to be processed as well as local conditions. RS-100 is an engineered ceramic reinforced ceramic matrix laminate which as been cured and pre-fired to produce a stable high strength material. It is well suited for a range of applications where its refractoriness, high strength and electrical insulation value is useful. For more information on RS-100, see ZIRCAR Technical Bulletin #ZRCI-001.

RS-100 is available in standard and custom sizes as follows:

  • Boards: 24×24″, 24×48″, & 36×36″, thicknesses from 1/8″ to 1″.
  • Coil Posts: 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″, & 2″x2″, lengths to 48″.
  • Custom Sizes: Made to customer order.

Straight Cuts

Equipment Selection

RS-100 can be cut with a variety of equipment ranging from large stationary to hand held saws. Large circular saws, such as a radial arm saw, are recommended for continuous and volume cutting operations. These types of saws afford maximum accuracy for short or long straight cuts and are easily handled by one person. For intermittent shop and field cutting portable circular saws, band saws, saber saws, jig saws, hack saws, or various other types of equipment may be used for minor cuts of no more than a few linear feet and for minor field adjustments. These type of saws are not suitable for extensive use because of the slow cutting rate and short tool life which may result in excessive chipping and edge fraying. It may also be difficult to obtain a good straight edge.

Tool Selection

Carbide tipped tooling is the only practical answer to long tool life when cutting RS-100 sheet. Other blade types are adequate when cutting a small number of thinner boards; but will not produce quality cuts for any length of time.

The advantages of carbide tipped tooling are as follows:

  • Quality: Produces high quality finished edges.
  • Economics: Longer blade life.
  • Productivity: Faster cutting speeds.
  • Ease: Does not require water-cooling.



3″ = 3.000″                                         .090″ (2.30mm)

2″ = 3.000″                                         .080″ (2.00mm)

1-1/2″ = 1.500″                                  .080″ (2.00mm)

1″ = 1.000″                                         .075″ (1.90mm)

3/4″ = .750″                                         .070″ (1.78mm)

5/8″ = .625″                                         .070″ (1.78mm)

1/2″ = .500″                                         .065″ (1.65mm)

3/8″ = .375″                                         .060″ (1.52mm)

1/4″ = .250″                                         .050″ (1.27mm)

3/16″ = .1875″                                     .040″ (1.02mm)

1/8″ = .125″                                         .035″ (0.89mm)

1/16″ = .0625″                                     .020″ (0.51mm)

1/32″ = .0312″                                     .020″ (0.51mm)

50mm                                       2.00mm

30mm                                         2.00mm

20mm                                         1.78mm

16mm                                         1.78mm

12mm                                         1.65mm

10mm                                         1.52mm

8mm                                         1.27mm

6mm                                         1.27mm

3mm                                         0.89mm

Standard Length & Width Tolerance for Type RSLE-57 = +/-0.125″ (3.2mm)

Standard Length & Width Tolerance for Types RS-99R, RS-DR, RS-200, RS-100 & RS-1200 = +/-0.250″ (6.35mm)

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