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ZIRCAR’s Luminar Glass Products are advanced materials for hot glass slumping and fusing. No other materials are as strong, light, versatile, durable, and easy to use. Our materials are designed to be extremely stable while heated, resist sticking and are in most cases can be re-used for a number of cast or slumped parts.  The products available for purchase on this website include hot glass casting mold mixes, ceramic papers, ceramic boards and shapes, thermal blankets and coatings that have been carefully designed with durability, versatility, and creative flexibility in mind.

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Our mold making products, including Mold Mix 6 and Mold Mix 7, are high temperature refractory molding compounds designed to allow replication of 3-D objects in glass.  These materials are frequently used by artists to create detailed  lost wax cast sculptures of glass or bronze.  The image to the left is a mold made of Mold Mix 6 being prepared with colored glass frit to be kiln cast.

Luminar Glass Products offers a wide variety of flexible sheets, papers, and blankets.  For example, Luminar Moldable Sheets are a high alumina ceramic laminate sheets that become pliable when wet.  Once the artist forms the sheet into the desired shape, the sheet is dried and regains its original strength. Hot glass will not stick to these materials, making them ideal for slumping molds as well as re-usable, non-stick kiln shelf linersFlexible ceramic blankets are ideal for bead making, separating hot tools and glass from the artists work bench.

Luminar Glass Products offers several varieties of rigid ceramic boards and shapes.  These products are ideal for kiln furniture, kiln shelves, and customizable molds or shapes for fusing and slumping in the kiln.  These rigid materials can be machined like plywood and are easily sawed and shaped by standard tools for ultimate creative control.

Luminar Glass Products offers high heat resistant coatings, including graphite and boron nitride, that can be used to create a non-stick layer between molds and hot glass.  These coatings are available in aerosol spary cans and are easy to apply to molds for kiln casting, bead making tools, and other applications.

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