Glass Manufacturing

Application Information: ZRCI Refractory Sheet materials are ideal for the temperature range of many hot glass applications. It is used by many major glass manufactures in their Melting, Annealing, Tempering and Bending furnaces.

Benefits: Strong and rigid at glass bending and tempering temperatures. Dust free for no glass contamination.

RS Materials Are used as a Dust Free Insulation in many Glass Applications such as Hot face in Auto glass Tempering and bending Furnaces

RS-100 is used in Glass Melting Furnaces for Making Flat Glass For TV and Computer Screens

RSLE-57 is used in Many Thermal Shock Applications Such as Door seals and Door Panel.

RS-100, RS-200, RS-1200, ZIRCAL-18, ZIRCAL-45, ZIRCAL-95, RS Tape

RS-100 used as  the Hot face insulation, Electrical hookups and door seal in automotive glass tempering and bending furnaces and Deep Bend Ovens.

RS-100 used as components in Fiber Optic Pulling Furnaces.

RS-100 is used as setout trays for hot glass.

RS-100 and RSLE-57 used as  the Hot face insulation and furnace components in LCD and PDA Glass Manufacturing.

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