ZIRCEM Refractory Sheet Cement Board

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General Info

Type ZIRCEM Refractory Sheet Cement Boards are a self supporting, high strength, rigid refractory product fabricated from calcium silicate, inert fillers and reinforcing agents. Its high structural strength combined with high thermal insulating value make it ideal for many electrical, fireproofing and heat processing equipment applications up to 600°C(1112°F). ZIRCEM boards are highly damage resistant, non-corroding, and extremely water-resistant. ZIRCEM boards are available in full size 4’ x 8’ panels which offer major economic advantages in the construction of ovens, dryers, and other insulated housings for the retention and control of heat. ZIRCEM boards can be readily fabricated into various sizes and shapes for heat baffles and all types of insulating parts.

ZIRCEM boards are not affected by moisture or high humidity, and will not rust, rot or corrode. The panels will not disintegrate even after prolonged immersion in water. While the material can be painted if desired, preservative treatments are not required for interior applications. ZIRCEM boards are hygroscopic and electrical resistance is reduced when it absorbs moisture. For electrical applications, ZIRCEM boards components should be thoroughly dried or moisture proofed before use.

ZIRCEM boards are monolithic That is oven dried, so it machines into exceptionally fine and intricate parts without delamination.

The board is neutral gray in color, and may lighten uniformly with time. ZIRCEM boards require practically no maintenance. The hard, smooth surface does not normally need painting or preservative treatment, but either can be applied if a different aesthetic appearance is desired.


Density, g/cc (pcf) 1.57(98) 1.602(100)
Maximum Use Temperature*, °C(°F) 600(1112) 260(500)
MOR**, MPa(psi)
MOR @ room temp. 211(3000) 183(2600)
Compressive Strength**, MPa(psi) 939(13350) 731(10400)
Linear Shrinkage, %
length, width / thickness length, width / thickness
12 hrs. at 315°C(600°F) 1.14 / 0.41 0.85/3.7
12 hrs. at 538°C(1000°F) 0.44 / 1.33
Thermal Conductivity**,
W/mK(BTU/hr ft2 oF/in.)
121°C(250°F) 0.34(2.40) 0.34(2.40)
Moisture Content, % dry weight 7 12
Water Absorbtion, % 21
Fire Hazard, ASTM E 84
flame spread 0
smoke development 0
Volume Resistivity, ASTM D-257, ohm-cm 1.25 x 1013 7.1 x 10₁₀
Surface Resisitvity, ASTM D-257, ohm-cm 1.59 x 1016
Arc Resistance, ASTM D-495, sec. 272 260
Dielectric Strength, ASTM D-495, volts/mil 56 35

*Maximum use temperature is dependent on variables such as stresses, both thermal and mechanical, and the chemical environment that the material experiences.

** Properties expressed parallel to thickness.

‡ Properties expressed perpendicular to thickness.


Nominal Composition, wt%
CaSiO3 94 94
SiO2 1 1


Installation Details

ZIRCEM boards can be applied directly to framing members with screws, bolts or mechanical fasteners. These boards are recommended for interior applications only.

All bolts or fasteners must be placed in predrilled oversized holes no closer than 1/2″ from any edge. Oversized holes must be 1/16″ or larger diameter for 1/4″ bolts and 1/8″ or larger diameter for 1/2″ or larger fasteners. Bolt heads and nuts must have an adequate washer bearing surface. Applications where vibration or motion exists must utilize rubber or neoprene gasketed washers.

ZIRCEM boards should be stored horizontally in a dry, flat area.



  • Load-bearing gaskets
  • Spacers and supports
  • Press plates
  • Machine guards
  • Laboratory benchtops
  • Fume hood linings
  • Busbar supports
  • Transformerspacers
  • Terminal boxes and strips
  • Electricalcoil supports
  • Component mounting plates
  • Arc shields
  • Collarsand bushings
  • Foundry core plates
  • Induction and muffle furnace walls
  • Industrial and baking oven shelving
  • Soldering plates
  • Splash guards
  • Welding shields


Download the ZIRCEM Refractory Sheet Cement Board PDF File

Other Information



SX60     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 96” X ¼”

SX61     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 96” X ½”

SX62     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 96” X ¾”

SX63     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 96” X 1”

SX64     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 96” X 1.5”

SX65     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 96” X 2”

SX66     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 48” X ¼”

SX67     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 48” X ½”

SX68     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 48” X ¾”

SX69     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 48” X 1”

SX70     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 48” X 1.5”

SX71     ZIRCEM-6, 48” X 48” X 2”

SX72     ZIRCEM-6, 24” X 48” X ¼”

SX73     ZIRCEM-6, 24” X 48” X ½”

SX74     ZIRCEM-6, 24” X 48” X ¾”

SX75     ZIRCEM-6, 24” X 48” X 1”

SX76     ZIRCEM-6, 24” X 48” X 1.5”

SX77     ZIRCEM-6, 24” X 48” X 2”

SX81     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 96” X ¾”

SX82     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 96” X 1”

SX83     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 96” X 1.5”

SX84     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 96” X 2”

SX85     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 48” X ½”

SX86     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 48” X ¾”

SX87     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 48” X 1”

SX88     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 48” X 1.5”

SX89     ZIRCEM-11, 48” X 48” X 2”

SX90     ZIRCEM-11, 24” X 48” X ½”

SX91     ZIRCEM-11, 24” X 48” X ¾”

SX92     ZIRCEM-11, 24” X 48” X 1”

SX93     ZIRCEM-11, 24” X 48” X 1.5”

SX94     ZIRCEM-11, 24” X 48” X 2”

ZIRCEM PRODUCTS MEASURING 48″ X 96″ ARE SUBJECT TO A $100 CRATING CHARGE.  Custom boards, shapes and preparations are available on request. Our forming processes, large inventory of custom tooling and state of the art machining techniques allow a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be made. Special geometries such as disks, rings and custom-machined shapes can be fabricated. Tight tolerance machining,

Please contact us with your special requirements.

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