RS-C Moldable

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General Info

ZIRCAR Alumina-Silica Insulating Blanket Type RS-C Moldable is composed of long, high strength ceramic fibers, with an inorganic alumina binder/rigidizing agent. It is a wet blanket that is shipped rolled up and sealed in a plastic bag to preserve its moldability.

Type RS-C Moldable forms a strong, rigid, low density insulation for applications to 1260°C (2300°F). It is 100% inorganic, non-combustible and contains no toxic or hazardous materials. Type RS-C Moldable is ideal for insulation of complex shapes and exhibits excellent erosion resistance under conditions of high, hot gas velocity. It can be cut to any size with a knife, scissors, or steel rule die. It can be formed to virtually any shape desired. Type RS-C Moldable possesses excellent strength for ease of installation. An unique process of locking in the binder ensures that it will not migrate. The result is a uniform homogeneous structure throughout the entire material.

Type RS-C Moldable does not adhere to itself, yet it can be cemented using air-set mortar. Type RS-C Moldable will normally air dry in 24 to 48 hours, with all the properties of a pre-fired insulation. Curing can be accomplished with a hot air gun or torch, or by immediate temperature exposure in the application.

Type RS-C Moldable can be put directly into high temperature ovens or furnaces.

Type RS-CH Moldable has all of the same properties as RS-C but is rated for 1450°C (2642°F)


Typical Composition, %  




        Other Metal Oxides


Density, gm/cm3 (lb/ft3)

.46 (29)

Maximum Use Temp.*, C (F)

1260 (2300)



Tensile Strength^, MPa (psi)

.48 (70)

Compressive Strength**, MPa (psi)  
   @10% Compression

0.2 (30)

Shrinkage^, %  
   Drying 75°C (167°F)


   Isothermal Soak, 24 hrs.@ 800°C (1472°F)


Thermal Conductivity**,W/m K (BTU/ft2 °F /in)  
   ASTM C177  
        200°C (392°F)

0.06 (0.48)

        500°C (932°F)

0.13 (0.91)

        800°C (1472°F)

0.20 (1.42)


Silica Moldable Type RS-SI Moldable is a wet blanket that is a combination of high purity amorphous silica fibers and inorganic silica binder. Upon drying Type RS-SI Moldable becomes a rigid structure with useful properties to temperatures of 1200°C(2192°F). It dries to a low mass light weight insulation with low thermal conductivity and high structural strength.

Alumina-Silica Moldable Blankets comprise long, high strength ceramic fibers in an inorganic Alumina binder/rigidizer. They are 100% inorganic and noncombustible. Alumina-Silica Blanket Type B is for applications to 900°C (1600°F) and Type C is for applications to 1260°C (2300°F). These materials harden to be a self supporting, extremely insulating ceramic fiber body.

  • Immune to Thermal Shock
  • Highly Insulating, Low Mass
  • Strong Self Supporting When Dry
  • Non RCF



  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as hot gas duct, stack and flue liners.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as custom molded valve enclosures.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as small appliance insulation.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as hot-face insulation where gas velocity is of concern.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used for combustion chamber liners.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as back-up insulation for molten metal transport troughs.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used for custom fabricated insulation parts.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as exhaust manifold insulation.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as back-up insulation.
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as high temperature pipe insulation (internal and external).
  • Type RS- C Moldable is used as asbestos lagging replacement.



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Other Information


These products are available in custom sizes only.  Please contact us for more information regarding available dimensions.

Note: These products can be further processed to provide finished sizes. Processes such as slitting, cutting, die punching and CNC machining are available upon request. Larger sizes are available.

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