Refractory Sheet Type Rs-101 Cylinders Solves Mrm Industries’ Asbestos Cement Induction Coil Liner Needs

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Refractory Sheet Type 101
A Case History

Refractory Sheet Type 101 Solves MRM Industries’ Asbestos Cement Induction Coil Liner Needs.

User: MRM Industries, Inc. Meriden, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Application: Refractory Sheet Type 101 is used as the primary induction coil liner in MRM’s low frequency, 3000 lb. Capacity, channel induction melting furnaces. These furnaces, in MRM’s continuous brass casting operation, operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for a period of six months at a time or until they need to be rebuilt.

How RS 101 is used: Refractory Sheet Type 101, in cylindrical form, is used to support the copper windings that make up the primary induction coil. The RS-101 cylinder, measuring 8″ID x 8 5/8″OD x 17 ¼” long, is secured into the copper winding by bolting retaining rings, made of RS-101, to the cylinder. A Refractory Sheet Type 101 “lead cover plate” (1/4″ x 3 ¾” x 17 ¼”) is also bolted to the cylinder. A plastic refractory is then applied to the outside of the copper windings.

Benefits of using RS 101: According Mr. George Bradley, MRM’s Vice President of Technical Services, “the uninterrupted performance of the melting furnaces we utilize in our continuous casting operation is highly dependent upon the performance of the primary induction coil. ZIRCAR’s Refractory Sheet Type 101 induction coil liners”, he added, “have enabled us to eliminate the dangers of asbestos, without interrupting production.”

Mr. Al Moore, a production engineer, said, ” we’re sure ZIRCAR’s RS 101 will provide more benefits than just asbestos cement replacement. We fully expect greatly extended coil liner service life by being able to reuse RS 101. Asbestos cement cannot be reused”. He also added, ” ZIRCAR’s RS 101 is performing the way an engineered alumina composite material should.

  • RS 101’s 2300°F maximum service temperature enables it to retain a considerable amount of its physical strength after extended high temperature exposure.
  • RS 101’s 10,000 psi compressive strength, 8,000 psi flexural strength and fiber reinforced matrix eliminates bolt pull-through problems.
  • RS 101 is readily machinable with most precision fabrication of complex induction coil assemblies.

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