Advanced materials for glass hot casting, kiln casting,
slumping and fusing.

  Luminar Mold Mix 6

ZIRCAR  Mold Mix 6 is a refractory-molding compound designed to allow replication of three-dimensional objects in glass. It comes as a paste, which is applied to a suitably prepared pattern and hardens on drying. Properly prepared molds of Mold Mix 6 will resolve the finest details and possess good strength. However, it remains sufficiently friable to permit easy removal after annealing. Mold Mix 6 is highly resistant to reaction with hot glass and gives the fired work a high quality surface free of-hazing common to investment type molds. Mold Mix 6 may be used for hot casting, kiln casting methods and slumping, all with excellent results. The greatest advantage of Mold Mix 6 is its ease of use and this manual will show you how to use it most effectively.


ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc., The manufacturer of LUMINAR Products, supplies advanced materials for hot glass slumping and fusing. No other mold materials are as strong, light, versatile, durable, and easy to use. Our mold making materials are designed to be extremely stable while heated, resist sticking and are in most cases can be re-used for a number of cast or slumped parts.

Our products include Mold Mix 6 which is a high temperature refractory Molding compound designed to allow replication of 3-D objects in glass, LUMINAR Moldable Sheets, also known as RS-DD, which is a high alumina ceramic laminate sheet which has the ability to become pliable when wetted and regain its original strength when dried. Hot glass will not stick to it making it ideal for slumping molds as well as re-usable non-stick kiln shelf liners




Item # Description 1 - 9 10 - 25 26+
OS01 MOLD MIX 6, Package of Four 1QT Bottles $120 $114 $108
OS02 MOLD MIX 6, 1 Gallon Bucket $75 $71 $68
OS03 MOLD MIX 6, 5 Gallon Bucket $330 $314 $297

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